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Group Guitar Class in Winterpark, FL

Shred with Friends!

To instantly become on of the “cool kids”, all you need to do is play the guitar. Learn four chords and you can play thousands of songs. It’s that easy! 🎸

In our group guitar class in Winter Park, FL, your instructor will first will ask you about your favorite type of music and songs then set goals to help you reach whatever musical aspirations you have. 🙏

The class will balance learning foundational techniques, theory and songs to perform. Our guitar classes are formed and tailored based on skill so everyone feels good! 👍

Students will learn:

✅ Posture while holding the guitar
✅ Names of notes on the guitar
✅ Playing single notes
✅ Reading notes
✅ Music Theory
✅ Ear Training

✅ Comfortable Hand Positions
✅ Proper Pick Technique
✅ Playing and Reading Chords
✅ Active Listening
✅ Playing as a group
✅ Playing as a soloist
⭐️Tell a friend and if they sign up, you’ll EACH get a $25 Amazon gift card 💵 AND be entered into our annual drawing for a BRAND NEW APPLE WATCH! ⌚️
Do you want to pursue a career in music, bring your creativity to life, write songs, play on stage, and live the dream?