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Look Ma! I can play like Yo-Yo Ma!


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From Yo-Yo Ma to Apocolyptica to One Republic, the cello fits any style of music. You can play Bach or AC/DC, either way, you will impress your friends and family with this valuable skill!

Cello lessons at Winter Park Music Academy in Winter Park, Orlando are customized by our awesome and fun instructors! Students of all ages and levels who love the rich tone of the cello will love their private cello lessons. We have teaching methods to suit all learning styles, ranging from traditional to Suzuki to a blend of both. Instructors utilize one or more of these methods in cello lessons to help you learn the music you like! You will learn classical music, fun popular songs or even how to improvise.

Beginning students start with the fundamentals of cello lessons, including proper technique. For example: holding the cello, comfortable hand position, sitting properly or posture and holding the bow. Advanced students continue to progress in their cello lessons with exercises that increase in difficulty, correct intonation, position shifting, and phrasing while learning higher level repertoire. Cello lessons include theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and history. Both our Azalea and Lakemont locations provide comprehensive cello lessons and music education.

Do you want to pursue a career in music, bring your creativity to life, write songs, play on stage, and live the dream?

"My daughter has been taking voice lessons at Winter Park Music Academy and we love it. The teachers and staff are amazing! They have helped my daughter with improving her vocal range and skills and have helped her learn what not to do. She has become more confident and always has fun. I definitely recommend Winter Park Music Academy they are professional, nice and they don't cost a lot."
-Adrienne A.
Our cello instructors are friendly and patient. We work with every student or parent to tailor the lessons to match the individual’s learning style, genre and goals.
Cello students will work on holding the instrument and the bow, finger patterns and moving the bow. Making a clear sound on a single note is the first goal. We will carefully guide you from where you are to where you want to go. Whether that’s technical proficiency or playing your favorite songs, we can take you there!
We teach all styles from pop, classical, rock, blues, jazz, metal, funk, folk, bluegrass, worship, R&B and reggae. You name it, our instructors can teach it!
You will need your own cello for lessons and to practice with at home. We can recommend the right one for your budget or you can rent one.
Lessons are available:
Monday through Thursday 3:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Fridays 3:30p.m. to 7:00p.m.
Saturdays 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.
We also offer lessons outside these times, just call to book!
$43.75 per 30 min lesson Online or In-Studio
$56.25 per 30 min lesson In-Home
There is a one time registration fee of $99.00
*For pricing and info about learning Cello in a group, click Group Classes at the very top of the page, then click Group Cello Class.