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Cooking Class

Cooking Class

🍳 πŸ₯˜ Welcome to Cooking Class 🍳 πŸ₯˜

Class Title: Cooking Class
Age Group: Ages 7-12
Duration: 60 minutes
Date: Tuesday, June 11th, 2024
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Winter Park Music Academy AZALEA β€’ 1045 Azalea Lane Winter Park, FL 32789
Objective: To inspire creativity, develop culinary skills, and foster confidence in children aged 7 to 12 through engaging cooking activities.

Materials WE PROVIDE:
1. Aprons and chef hats for each child
2. Ingredients for simple recipes (e.g., pizza, fruit kabobs)
3. Cooking utensils (e.g., mixing bowls, spatulas)
4. Recipe cards with easy-to-follow instructions
5. Cutting boards and child-safe knives (under supervision)
6. Decorative toppings (e.g., sprinkles, food coloring)

What do you, the student, need to do before class?
Put long hair in a pony tail and wear closed toed shoes. That’s it!

Class Structure:

πŸ™Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes):
– Greet the children warmly and introduce yourself.
– Explain the theme of the class: “Cooking Creativity.”
– Emphasize the importance of teamwork, creativity, and having fun while cooking.

🍱 Recipe Demonstration (10 minutes):
– Demonstrate each step of the recipe while explaining the techniques involved.
– Encourage questions and interaction during the demonstration.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Hands-On Cooking Activity (30 minutes):
– Children will each have their own workstation.
– Each station is equipped with necessary ingredients and materials to prepare the recipe.
– Miss Nicole will circulate among the groups to offer assistance, guidance, and encouragement.
– Foster creativity by allowing children to personalize their creations with optional toppings or flavor variations.
– Miss Nicole will set a timer to help keep track of the cooking process and ensure that all groups finish on time.

🍽️ Presentation and Tasting (10 minutes):
– Invite each group to present their creations to the class.
– Encourage children to describe their cooking process and explain any creative choices they made.
– Create a supportive atmosphere where positive feedback is given for effort and creativity.
– Allow everyone to taste each other’s creations and celebrate their achievements together.

🧠 Reflection and Wrap-Up (5 minutes):
– Lead a brief discussion about what the children learned during the class.
– Ask open-ended questions to encourage reflection and critical thinking.
– Reinforce key concepts such as teamwork, creativity, and the joy of cooking.
– Express appreciation for the children’s participation and enthusiasm.


1. What cooking techniques will be covered?
For this age group, basic techniques like mixing, spreading, cutting (under supervision), and assembling are suitable. We will also cover cooking relevant Math and Science concepts like fractions, measurement conversions, chemical reactions (hot, cold, etc…) and logical sequencing of steps.

2. How will the timing of the activities be paced?

The class structure balances guided instruction (recipe demonstration, hands-on cooking) with free exploration (personalizing creations, presentation) to keep children engaged while providing opportunities for creativity and skill development.

3. How will the students work together?
Interactive elements include group work, where children collaborate on cooking tasks, and presentation, where they share their creations with peers. Brainstorming sessions at the beginning of the class can also encourage creativity by allowing children to suggest variations or additions to the recipes. Additionally, positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout the class help build confidence and motivate children to experiment with cooking.

4. Why is a MUSIC Academy offering Cooking Classes?
Requests! We have had so many parents and students request that we offer other similar child services like cooking! Our Cooking Instructor, Miss Nicole, is a talented and gifted home cook with 10 years experience as well as experience teaching children and adults!

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