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Flute Lessons in Winter Park, FL

Flute Lessons

When you begin flute lessons with Winter Park Music Academy, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make beautiful melodies! It all starts with learning how to assemble and disassemble the instrument, hold it with the proper grip and embouchure.

Embouchure comes from the french word for “mouth” and it is the shape of your mouth and lips when blowing into any wind instrument. You will also learn the basics of reading music, melody, rhythm, harmony and of course scales and arpeggios.

In no time, you’ll be filling the air with soothing music! Check out Peter and The Wolf narrated by David Bowie. It’s a piece by the composer, Sergey Prokofiev in which the instruments represent animals in a story about a young boy named Peter who goes hunting for a wolf. The flute is the bird and has a memorable part! Start your flute journey today!

Do you want to pursue a career in music, bring your creativity to life, write songs, play on stage, and live the dream?

$43.75 per 30 min lesson Online or In-Studio
$56.25 per 30 min lesson In-Home
There is a one time registration fee of $99.00.